Real Estate in Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC

Winmore is a family-friendly subdivision in Northwest Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The neighborhood is in a primarily residential region of the city with several suburban developments and wooded areas. The community offers lovely townhouses ranging from three to five-bedroom models with classic exteriors and beautiful furnishings. These homes offer spacious living areas, detached garage parking spaces, modern kitchen appliances, and more. Find the perfect home here for your family if you’re looking to move into the city of Chapel Hill.

Homes for Sale at Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC.

Amenities in Winmore

The Winmore subdivision provides exceptional amenities for the many families living in the community. The neighborhood has over 26-acres of open green spaces and paved walking and biking paths. These trails go around the wooded areas and Bolin Creek as well as the Chapel Hill and Carrboro Greenway bike trail system. The community pool, a couple of children’s playgrounds, and cabana are perfect for parents wanting to have their kids play outside. Also, the neighborhood has a small community garden, village greenery, and fruit orchards. Located southeast of Winmore is Carolina North Forest, a 750-acre woodland perfect for camping or hiking with the family. Residents are a short commute to Central Chapel Hill where there are several shopping malls, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

Picture of three-bedroom property at Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC

Homes for Sale at Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC.

Schools near Winmore

There are plenty of schools available to families living in the Winmore neighborhood. East of the community across Homestead Road is Chapel Hill High School which provides a variety of school facilities, sports fields, and other educational buildings. Other schools in the region include Legacy Academy for Children, Smith Middle School, and Seawell Elementary School.

Picture of residential property at Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC

Homes for Sale at Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC.

Selling your Home in Winmore

Selling a house can be challenging if done on your own with the many nuances and processes that may seem confusing at first glance. If you are looking to sell a property in the area, you will consider to work with a Professional Realtor. A Real Estate Professional can help market your home correctly, contact interested buyers on your behalf, and handle the processes of transferring ownership. You won’t have to worry about many of the time-consuming tasks involved with selling your home if you have a trustworthy realtor working with you. Our team has helped many clients find the right buyer for their home. Contact Us today, and we will help you sell your property as fast as possible.

Homes for Sale at Winmore, Chapel Hill, NC:

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