Real Estate in Scotts Mill, Apex, NC

Scotts Mill is a residential subdivision located in the western part of Apex, North Carolina. The neighborhood is geographically found south of Beaver Creek Greenway along the Western Wake Freeway. Residents in the area have easy access to Central Apex and are 40-minute drive from Downtown Raleigh. There are many schools, outdoor parks, shopping malls, and other establishments close to the community. If you are looking for a family-friendly and convenient home for your family, Scotts Mills has some excellent move-in ready properties you can purchase today. Real Estate in the neighborhood includes single-family homes and townhouses. These residences typically come in three or four-bedroom models with open floor designs, a modern kitchen, garage parking, and multiple bathrooms. Homes for Sale at Scotts Mill, Apex, NC.

Amenities in Scotts Mill

Residents in the Scotts Mill neighborhood will love the many exclusive amenities within the community. There is also a large swimming pool, tennis courts, children’s playground, and miles of paved walking trails. The neighborhood is close to several outdoor parks and nature preserves that families in the area can visit for outdoor adventures. The Beaver Creek Greenway which is north of Scotts Mill is a nearby greenway that features beautiful nature trails and outdoor recreational and sports facilities.

Homes for Sale at Scotts Mill, Apex, NC.

Schools near Scotts Mill

Schools close to the neighborhood are Scotts Ridge Elementary and St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School. There are many more schools in the central part of Apex that offers residents in the community a handful of options. If you plan to move into one of the homes in Scotts Mill you can be rest assured that you’ll be able to pick an excellent educational institution for your child.

Image of residential property in Scotts Mill, Apex, NC

Homes for Sale at Scotts Mill, Apex, NC.

Selling your Home in Scotts Mill

If you plan to sell your house in the Scotts Mill neighborhood using the internet we can help make the process easier. Online marketing accounts for 92% of all Real Estate purchases nowadays. Real Estate professionals who use the internet tend to find more interested buyers. This is especially effective when they combine it with other active marketing channels. Our team can help you find the right buyer as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding the process of selling a home, please Contact Us today.

Homes for Sale at Scotts Mill, Apex, NC:

Scotts Mill - Apex, NC