Real Estate in Duke Park, Durham, NC

Duke Park is primarily a residential neighborhood located between Interstate-85 and the Old Durham North neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina. The community is built around a similarly named outdoor park. The district includes residential subdivisions, low-rise apartments, churches, and an office building on the eastern side. Residents have easy access to Central Durham that offers several retail establishments and commercial areas where residents can shop for their day to day needs. Duke Park is a 40-minute drive from Downtown Raleigh making it a perfect place for professionals wanting to look for a suburban home outside the city. Residential Real Estate in the area includes classic bungalow-type dwellings, townhouses, two-level single-family houses, and brick homes. Home layouts include two to four-bedroom homes with single or multiple baths with different lot areas and features. These homes have custom-built designs and varying models allowing buyers to choose properties that best suit their needs and budget.

Homes for Sale in Duke Park, Durham, NC.

Amenities in Duke Park

Duke Park is a family-friendly neighborhood with a beautiful community park that residents can visit. The park has kid-friendly areas where you can bring your toddlers to play with other kids in the neighborhood. There are picnic areas, green spaces, playgrounds, walking trails, and many other outdoor venues available to families visiting the park. Residents can also visit Central Durham a short drive south of the district. There are shopping malls, theaters, movie houses, sports centers, and many other establishments along the main roads of Durham.

Image of brick home in Duke Park, Durham, NC

Homes for Sale in Duke Park, Durham, NC.

Schools near Duke Park

There is a good number of private and public educational institutions available to residents in Duke Park. If you plan to buy a home in the area schools you could look up are Durham Nativity School, Central Park School For Children Middle School, Eastway Elementary School, and many more. Schools in the region are part of the Durham Public Schools organization.

Image of classic bungalow-type home in Duke Park, Durham, NC

Homes for Sale in Duke Park, Durham, NC.

Selling your Home in Duke Park

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Homes for Sale in Duke Park, Durham, NC:

Duke Park - Durham, NC